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June 3 2018
5 - 9 PM

The Exactech Arena 
at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center



We are grateful and honored to have world renowned judges at our very own Taste of Greater Gainesville, Iron Chef Competition presented by Quality DesignWorks, Quality Plumbing.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the guest celebrity judges at the 9th Annual Taste of Greater Gainesville Iron Chef Competition on Sunday, June 3, 2018 from 5 - 9 p.m. at the Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center. 


Chef Amadeus Smiling Photo

Winner of Food Network’s Extreme Chef Mexican Showdown, Chef Amadeus’ love for food was cultivated by his Puerto Rican grandmother and Philadelphia-born mother. As a child, he spent countless hours in the kitchen with the two women where he learned to create delicious, home-cooked meals—a passion that drives Chef Amadeus Culinary Concepts Inc.

The journey to his current success as a celebrity, traveling chef might have begun at home in Jacksonville, Florida but his experience cooking for others began in 1986 in the US Navy. While enlisted, Amadeus had the opportunity to travel to several countries and other US cities where he was exposed to various cuisines and cooking techniques. This fueled his passion for trying and preparing new cuisines and ultimately landed him work in some of the best restaurants in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

The local foodies took an immediate liking to his beaming personality and delicious culinary creations. They wanted more and began inviting him into their homes to prepare his creations in their kitchens. Chef Amadeus Culinary Concepts was born. Venturing on his own allowed him to uninhibitedly unleash his creative juices and expand his culinary drive, inspiring some of the most innovative dishes his clients have ever tasted.

On a visit to the Pacific Northwest, Chef Amadeus fell in love with the freshness of the food and wine country. There, he acquired more fans of his unique style of cooking. Chef Amadeus calls it world fusion, and uses his own blend of salt free spices called SOUTHERN PASSION to season his creative, visually appealing and taste tantalizing dishes.

From local to international culinary success, and currently serving as the President of ACF First Coast Chapter, Chef Amadeus often travels throughout the US and abroad to prepare dishes for his Clients. He is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite chefs.


Chef Jenny Dorsey is a professional chef and creative person based in New York City. She makes food to express the full range of human emotions - even those not well-suited for Instagram. Chef Dorsey believes food has a special way of exposing the banal routine and social norms we find ourselves in. It can be a powerful medium for storytelling and creates a place for genuine interaction - if we choose to see it as such.

Her mission is to use culinary arts as a platform to evoke introspection, empathy and real emotion. Sometimes her food or the environments she creates make people uncomfortable, and that's the point. She does not plan on being complicit with the way things are; she wants to change the world with her art, even if it's just one honest conversation at a time.

Before Chef Dorsey started her journey in food, she was addicted to social acceptance. She started my career as a very (literally) hungry management consultant in the fashion industry before moving on to become the youngest MBA candidate at Columbia Business School. Shockingly, resume accolades do not make us truly happy and she soon found myself depressed and lost. Chef Dorsey decided to take a sabbatical and go "find herself" - which led her to culinary school, various fancy-schmancy restaurants (Atera, Atelier Crenn) and a bizarre set of jobs (ironic highlight: selling cold-pressed juice door-to-door to Silicon Valley VC firms). Through these twists and turns, she parlayed her abilities into a culinary consulting business, which she feels lucky to say has been successful and rewarding while forcing her to grow up and be a professional.

​But Chef Dorsey wanted more. At the beginning of 2017, she had an epiphany (at acupuncture) that she should use augmented & virtual reality to make my work more impactful. Ever since that strange day, she has been experimenting with these emerging technologies and how she can marry food with it in immersive new ways for social good. She has no idea where this road will lead her, what excitements and failures it has in store, but at least she will never wake up and wonder "what if?". 

angie judge

Growing up in the Florida Golf Coast town of Tarpon Springs, Angie Shaghaghi and her five siblings were practically raised in the kitchen.  Vegetables were home grown, fish was always freshly caught and trips to the supermarket were a family affair.  Chef Angie’s father instilled in his children a love of home cooked meals at a very young age.  The family garden was their hub, ripe with various greens, mangoes, oranges and grapefruit trees.  Everything was cultivated, picked and cooked by family hands.  She remembers how neighbors would meet after church to feast on an array of dishes.  Ones that had slowed cooked since the early hours of the day.  

Working with fresh ingredients around the family kitchen inspired her love of creating traditional family meals.  Now, Chef Angie is committed to bringing the spirit of home cooking to homes across America.  She loves to combine the bold flavors of spices such as cumin, paprika, sumac, saffron and turmeric to give an international flair inspired by her travels around the world.  Chef Angie became familiar with these exotic spices while living in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.  These experiences helped to season her career and understand more about the diversity of the world.

TV Credits:
In 2008, she was selected to appear in Rachael Ray’s daytime reality show titled:  “Hey Can You Cook?!”  For 5 weeks, she competed along with four other amateur cooks, whom were selected from thousands of entries received.  Along the journey, as part of her food challenges, she cooked for Michael Buble, restaurateurs/Chefs Ming Tsai and Gordon Ramsey.
This experience sealed the deal that her future was in the kitchen.

In 2009, she appeared on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ with host Ted Allen.  Judges Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and culinary master chefs Aaron Sanchez and Scott Cohen, all agreed that Chef Angie “cooked with heart”.  

She believes cooking with your families and using fresh ingredients can make a difference in our lives.  She appeared on Good Day New York preparing family meals and desserts with host, Rosanna Scotto.

Chef Angie would appear again on the small screen in 2011, voted “fan favorite” for the “All-Star” reunion of Rachael Ray’s, “Hey, Can You Cook?!”  The competition would lead her and fellow contestants to Oaxaca Mexico, with Marcela Valladolid from ‘The Kitchen’ as their culinary guide.

In 2013, she was cast to appear as a culinary expert and judge for Food Network/Lipton Tea ‘Chopped’ commercial series with Ted Allen.
Last Spring Chef Angie got back in the reality kitchen on Food Network’s newest hit series, ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ starring Alton Brown.

Network television is not the only place you can see Chef Angie.  She also hosts events, conducts cooking demonstrations,  private parties, and is a celebrity spokesperson of numerous brands such as Kontos Foods, a leader in Mediterranean specialty products and Oberg & Lindquist, leaders in premium kitchen appliances, custom designs.
She was the cover story of the prestigious (201) magazine and featured in Today’s Black Woman magazine, as a “Woman on the Move’.  

Chef Angie lives in New Jersey where she owns and operates a mobile cooking school called, Creative Cooks.  Her clients consist of students as young as three years old.  What started out as a loving passion eight years ago with the first six students, has grown into a lucrative year round business with over three hundred students in class each week.  Chef Angie attributes never giving up and following your passion to her success.  As well as the love and support of her three kids.